• Can be purchased anytime, anywhere

    We will email you your eSIM activation code in up to 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, after you place your order!
    You will receive it right away by e-mail, so there is no need to wait for the product to arrive.
  • High quality Docomo line at a low price

    This eSIM uses 3G/4G communication provided by Japan's largest telecommunications carrier "NTT DOCOMO".
    We provide high -quality communication that is cheaper than international roaming.

  • Easy setting

    • Setting up on an iOS device is very easy!Once eSIM is installed, the APN is set automatically!
    • We have a customer center to assist you with your setup! Open 365 days a year, multi-lingual support!
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Prepaid ESIM Plan for Japanese travelers -Can be used in combination of communication days and data (GB)

Prepaid ESIM Plan for Japanese travelers -Can be used in combination of communication days and data (GB)

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  • High quality and low price with communication services in Japan
  • Opening deadline:Please start using within 1 month of purchase
  • Support: Dedicated customer service for settings

You can combine the validity and data(GB) as you wish!
We sell the BEST eSIM plan for traveling in Japan.

Dedicated communication service in Japan using 3G/4G communications, provided by NTT DOCOMO, Japan's largest telecommunications operator.
Lower price than international roaming and offer high-quality communications.

- This product is especially recommended for ,

  • Those who can come to Japan for travel, business, etc.
  • Those who plan to use Wifi rental and prepaid SIM
  • Those who want to use mobile communication while staying in Japan
  • Those who want to do mobile communication in Japan right now

Features of eSIM

  • No need to install or remove the SIM because it is an eSIM plan.
  • You can use your existing SIM for voice calls and use the eSIM plan only for data communication.
  • Settings can be easily switched between the existing SIM's data communication and the eSIM's data communication.
  • Two antenna pictograms will be displayed on the device: one for the main line (existing SIM) and the other for the secondary line (eSIM).
- Details of products
  • This service is provided by NTT docomo, Japan's largest telecommunications company, on loan of its telecommunications lines, and is compatible with communications in a wide area.
Plan type

Data use-up plan

There is no daily capacity limit
After the capacity

After the capacity is exceeded, you can continue to use the service at the low speed of 128 kbps until the specified expiration date.

Opening deadline Please start using within 30 days of purchase
Corresponding area Japan
Communication carrier name NTT docomo
Network 3G/4G LTE
Number of days count Time zone "UTC+9" standard

Date count is 00:00-24:00 based on "UTC+9" (Japan time) time zone.

Corresponding frequency band
4G LTE 2.0GHz band Band1
1.7GHz band Band3
800MHz band
(Platinum band)
1.5GHz band Band21
700MHz band
(Platinum band)
3.5GHz band Band42
2.1GHz band Band1
800MHz band  Band6
800MHz band Band19

* 4G/LTE Band1/Band3/Band19 is the Band required to perform stable high -speed communication.

    ◆ Reliable support system
    • For those who are uneasy about how to set eSIM and APN settings, we have a special customer service. It supports multilinguals (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish) 365 days.

      * For inquiries other than the setting method, please contact our shop.
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    • Please confirm that the device you plan to use is eSIM compatible.

      Please confirm that the device you plan to use is eSIM compatible.

      Check eSIM compatible devices here.

    • SIM lock of the device to be used

      Please make sure that the device you plan to use is a SIM-free or SIM-unlocked device.

    • Setting of receiving email address

      After the order is confirmed, the e -mail of eSIM information will be automatically sent to the registered e-mail address. Please make sure to set the following e-mail address so that you can receive it.

    • Only one device can have an eSIM installed.

      This product cannot be used on multiple devices.Only the installed device can be used.

    • If you accidentally delete eSIM

      If you accidentally delete this product from the device,you can reinstall only on the same device.

    • About downloading eSIM

      For downloading and setting eSIM, connection to WiFi is required.Please set and use in WiFi environment.

    • About the number of orders

      Since we will send you an activation code by e-mail, you can only purchase one eSIM per order.

      If you plan to purchase more than 10 eSIMs at the same time, please contact us at the Inquiry form.

    • About system maintenance

      Please note that eSIM information may not be sent during irregular system maintenance. Announcements regarding maintenance will be made on the website as needed.

    • About opening deadline

      Please open the eSIM and start using it within one month after purchasing the product.
      This product is only available for use in Japan when a signal is detected in Japan.

    • About Antenna Pictogram

      This product may not have an antenna pictogram depending on the device, but this is a system specification and is not a defect.
      * If the antenna pictogram does not stand up, please check if the connection is open by browsing the website or other means. If you cannot use the product after setting the APN, please reboot the device.

    • About career

      This product will be a full MVNO service issued by Marubeni Network Solutions Co., Ltd. The carrier name displayed on the device is "M".


    I have not received an email with eSIM information

    If you do not receive an e-mail with your eSIM information 30 minutes after completing your order, please check the following.

    • Set the following e -mail address so that you can receive it.

    • If you do not receive emails
      -Please check the spam folder.
      -Please check the storage capacity of the mailbox.
      -Please check the folder other than the receiving box.

    • If you do not find the email in the above folders, please contact us from this inquiry form with your order number.

    Is it possible to make voice calls and SMS?

    Our eSIM is for data communication only. Therefore, it does not support sound calls or SMS transmission and receiving.

    Voice calls can still be made by using call applications such as Skype or LINE.

    Is desiring possible?

    Yes, you can use it. When using, enable the tethering function from the device settings.

    In addition, since it is limited by each carrier and device manufacturer, there is no guarantee on all devices.