ESIM setting method (Android)

Here, we will explain how to set up in Xperia SOG08 (Android 12).
Make sure that the Android OS version and the SIM manager of the terminal scheduled to be used are the latest.

 *Precautions for setting

  •  For downloading and setting ESIMConnection to WiFi is required
  • When setting by reading QR code[Terminal that displays QR code separately]or[Paper with QR code printed]Etc.
  • If you are asked for a password during the setting, please enter your own [terminal password].
  • If information is deleted in ESIM once installed,It can be reinstalled only with [the same terminal]is. Please note that it cannot be used on another terminal.

*For those who are planning to come to Japan from overseas

  • Since our ESIM is a service that starts counting from the communication start date,Before the tripWe recommend that you set ESIM to.
  • Also, be sure to turn off the following so that you will not be charged from your telephone company during your stay in Japan.
    "Settings"> "Network and Internet"> "SIM"> Tap the name of the SIM of the main line>Turn off "roaming"


01Activation procedure (Android)


Connect the terminal to be used to a network such as Wi-Fi and start "Settings" from the home screen.

Tap "SIM card and mobile data" or "Network and Internet".




Tap "+", "SIMS" or "Manage ESIM" on the right side of the mobile network.




Tap "Download SIM" or "If you do not have a SIM card" at the bottom.




Tap "Next".



Read the QR code or manually.

When setting by reading QR code
  To 5-1 

When setting by manual input
  To 5-2

5-1: When setting by reading QR code

Use another device other than planning to use it, tap the URL listed in the email and display the QR code.

* In the case of QR code reading, it is necessary to prepare another terminal other than the terminal that uses ESIM. If another terminal is not available, please refer to "5-2: to set by manual input".


5-2: When setting by manual input

After the camera starts up, tap "Enter code manually". Depending on the terminal, it may be described as "Help" ⇒ "input by yourself". 

After the purchase, check [ESIM Code] listed in the email sent by us, and input by copy & paste.


Tap "Enable" or "Download" to start installing ESIM.



When the download is completed, proceed to the "APN settings" in the next section.

Continue to set APN

02How to set APN (Android)


Tap ESIM (M) downloaded from "SIM card and mobile data" or "network and the Internet".



Click "Access Point Name".



Click " +" on the upper right.



Please enter the following APN information in "APN" in the item.

* Some models may not be able to register the username and password depending on the terminal, so in that case, please enter any value.

  The APN setting value of each product is described in the e -mail text that arrives after purchase.

  * Example: In the case of a plan for Japan

  • Name: optional (eg, ESIM)
  • APN:
  • User name: blank
  • Password: blank
  • Authentication: PAP or Chap



After completing the APN, click "Save" on the upper right.




Check if the saved APN has been selected.

Make sure that "4G" or "LTE" is displayed in the antenna pick.


This completes the E-SIM settings.