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    You can use it as soon as you install the activation code on the device you plan to use!
    * Limited to supporting countries.

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    Simply install the eSIM and the APN settings are automatically configured.

    *Excluding some Android devices

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Prepaid ESIM/Data Use Plan that can be used in Korea

Prepaid ESIM/Data Use Plan that can be used in Korea

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Number of days
  • This eSIM product is designed for use with smartphone devices.
  • We do not recommend using Mobile WiFi routers (pocket WiFi) for this eSIM.

It is a prepaid ESIM exclusively for data communication for Korea.
You can select the number of days and capacity according to your schedule.

Product content

SIM type For data communication only
Plan type

Data us-up plan

Data -up plan
There is no daily capacity limit
After the capacity Up to the prescribed deadline after exceeding the capacity
Can be used for low -speed communication of 128kbps
Opening deadline After purchaseWithin 90 days
Corresponding area South Korea
Communication carrier name SK Telecom
network 3g/4G
Number of days count 24 hours from opening

About setting

* After arriving in the supported country, if you start using the installed ESIM plan, you will automatically set it.

▼ When setting and using
  • Set up and start using ESIM in WiFi environment.
  • This product will start using it from the time you grab the communication in the target country.
  • Please roam your terminal in advance [ON].
iOS device
  • After arriving in the supporting country, you can start using it without setting.

  • Our ESIM may not work well if other SIM configuration profiles remain. Please delete other SIM configuration profiles and start using.

  • The detailed explanation of how to install iOS terminals ESIMHereBut you can check it.
Android device
  • The APN setting method differs depending on the version of the Android OS, so please check the APN setting method of the terminal to be used in advance.

  • Depending on the terminal, the setting may not be automatically performed.
    In that case, after arriving in a telecommunications country, etc., make sure that the radio wave mark is standing, and then set the following APN.

  • Detailed explanation of how to install the Android device on ESIMHereBut you can check it.

APN information

Name Optional (CLDSIM, etc.)
APN Internet
username Blank (no input required)
password Blank (no input required)
Authentication type Blank (no input required)

View full details
  • Please confirm that the device you plan to use is eSIM compatible.

    Please confirm that the device you plan to use is eSIM compatible.

    Check eSIM compatible devices here.

  • SIM lock of the device to be used

    Please make sure that the device you plan to use is a SIM-free or SIM-unlocked device.

  • Setting of receiving email address

    After the order is confirmed, the e-mail of eSIM information will be automatically sent to the registered e-mail address. Please make sure to set the following e-mail address so that you can receive it..

  • Only one device can be installed.

    This product cannot be used on multiple devices.Only the installed device can be used.

  • About downloading eSIM

    For downloading and setting eSIM, connection to WiFi is required. Please set and use in WiFi environment.

  • If you accidentally delete eSIM

    If you accidentally delete this product from the device,you can reinstall only on the same device.

    Please note thatmaximum number of reinstallations is 10times.

  • About the number of orders

    Since we will send you an activation code by e-mail, you can only purchase one eSIM per order.

    If you plan to purchase more than 10 eSIMs at the same time, please contact us at the Inquiry form.

  • About system maintenance

    Please note that eSIM information may not be sent during irregular system maintenance. Announcements regarding maintenance will be made on the website as needed.

  • About devices

    The product is a product assumed to be used on a smartphone device.We do not recommend using Mobile WiFi routers (pocket WiFi).

    Depending on the mobile WiFi router (pocket WiFi) device, it may not be possible to communicate normally. In addition, we cannot respond to poor operation when using it on a device (mobile WiFi router, pocket WiFi) that is not recommended.


I have not received an email with eSIM information

If you do not receive an e-mail with your eSIM information 45 minutes after completing your order, please check the following.

  • Set the following e -mail address so that you can receive it.

  • If you do not receive emails
    -Please check the spam folder.
    -Please check the storage capacity of the mailbox.
    -Please check the folder other than the receiving box.

  • If you do not find the email in the above folders, please contact us from this inquiry form with your order number.

Is it possible to make voice calls and SMS?

Our eSIM is for data communication only. Therefore, it does not support sound calls or SMS transmission and receiving.

Voice calls can still be made by using call applications such as Skype or LINE.

Is desiring possible?

Yes, you can use it. When using, enable the tethering function from the device settings.

In addition, since it is limited by each carrier and device manufacturer, there is no guarantee on all devices.